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Sand, surf, and monsters.
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Artist | Professional | Digital Art

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| Twitter | Tumblr | FurAffinity | Picarto | FlightRising | | Instagram |

Hello, call me Para. A multimedia-digital artist. I create creatures, monsters and, occasionally the humans might pop-up. An enthusiast for conceptual art, gaming, 3-dimensional work, animation, the monstrous and cute.

Current project(s):

:iconjuju-islands:: A collection of critters from a head-world simply known as Juju-Islands. A project I had brewed up on whim but intend to have more of an ARPG aspect as it develops. The website is continuously being updated on lore, species, and many more;

Starfall: A reboot of the Legend of the Forgotten comic which I had worked on since 2011-2012. Currently I am working with both a friend and writer to make the story as envisioned. Concepts of it is still under lock and key until further notice, but with the intention of having the comic updated weekly.

Buy me a coffee at
Enjoyed my work? Feel free to buy me a coffee to keep me going and make more art!

Custom Commissions : CLOSEDCheck my website for more Examples and Waiting List;
I accept Paypal (USD)
Terms of Service
Original Species Terms of Service
Juju-Islands Website
Art Commissions
Closed Species Customs
I will create a design based on your own specifications of my closed species;
Snapadile, Papillix, Axehead...

$40 / On-Base
I will reuse a previous base for the design.
- 3 Uncommon Traits, Unlimited Common
Snapadile Base: Standard 1, Standard 2,
Art Commissions : OPENCheck my website for more Examples and Waiting List;
I accept Paypal (USD)
Terms of Service
Order Form

A small and cute chibi of your character.

$10 / Character

A clean sketch of your character. You can request for simple shading.
Bust: $15 / Character
- Flat colour; +$5
Full-body: $20 / Character
- Flat colour; +$5
Flat Colour:
A lined and flat coloured drawing with no shading.​​
Half-body: $25 / Character
- Complex Characters; +$10
Full-body: $35 / Character
- Complex Characters; +$10

A coloured drawing with cell-shade, on a simple
Original Species Terms of ServiceOriginal Species Terms of Service

By purchasing an adoptable, or ordering a commission from me, you automatically agree to the following conditions. Please read this thoroughly and entirely. Please contact me if there are any questions or concerns. 
I claim all rights to the Intellectual Property. I will not reuse/resell the design again for personal and commercial projects unless the design has been reclaimed or request permission.
I reserve the right to modify and/or resell any rejected/unsold/revoked/returned designs at a later date.
When trading or selling the design you may not add your own terms and conditions to my species. The terms and conditions stated here are the only terms and conditions applicable to ParadiseFever species and designs.
By purchasing an "Original/Closed Species" you are buying the partial rights to a specific character design. 
Payment shou

Para's Trading and Selling Journal (CS + Non-CS)Edit: Added a Canterwit design =u=;
"Para has wares if you got coin... or other wares. That works too."

What I can offer:

ArtworksCustom Designs of either my own species or other crittersMYO ticket(s) of my own Closed Species; Snapadile, Papillix, AxeheadDesigns:       
 << Design only, not official.
What you can offer:
Money (USD$)Closed Species Designs:PouflonsGrem2Ren-FairsMinkinMantibabsFumi-dragonsDraco Stryx
TokotaFaelidh (picky)Other Closed Species (picky)Designs:Rough idea on what I like:
Artworks, Custom Plushies
Do not offer:
CinnadogsNekoiGeneric dog designsMYO tickets. I have trouble designing what I like and prefer
Species ListA list of my species that's been going on and keep track of.
Para's Species List:
A simple list and information of my created species. For more information check the website:

"Reptile-kaiju type creatures, named after their quirky nature to snap-up their meals with their strong jaws. They are a diverse species coming in all shapes and sizes."
Status: Closed Species

"A fairy-cat-ferret creature. They are capable of gliding by using their butterfly like wings, and a magic source found in flowering plants."
Status: Closed Species
Para's In-Development Species:
"A large creature


Contest by ParadiseFever
Welcome to the very first Make Your Own Snapadile Contest which gives you an opportunity to make and own these exclusive little (or big) critters. Once you own a Snapadile you will be able to participate in Juju-Islands group activities such as upgrading your Snapadiles, breeding, prompts, receiving artwork and win contests!

Start date: May 1st
End Date: June 5th, Midnight (UTC+08:00)
(A whole month and a little extra. Nice.)

How to enter:

Bullet; Yellow You must be a member of Juju-Islands in order to participate and submit your design entries to the MYO Contest Folder.
Bullet; Yellow  Please read through the Snapadile section of the website for trait rarities and additional information
Bullet; Yellow You can also check out the ARPG Website for an in-depth look to the world.
Bullet; Yellow Anyone can join even if you already own a Snapadile!

Design Rules:

Bullet; Yellow Snapadile designs must be full body and in colour. You can use any medium; traditional or digital.
Bullet; Yellow You can include a description of their personality and backstory.
Bullet; Yellow You may add in 1 small and simple accessories such as bracelets or flowers as long it doesn't block the design.
Bullet; Yellow Common traits only. If you wish to have an upgrade please view "How to get Uncommon Traits".
Bullet; Yellow Any colours and markings can be used. You can always check the Adoption Center and Customs Folder to gather inspiration.
Bullet; Yellow You can make up to 3 designs.
Bullet; Yellow You can select any of the three Snapadile body types; Standard, Prehistoric, Teacup.


The amount of winners is undecided, it would depend on how many people would enter the contest. More entries, more prizes, traits and placings!
Here are the prizes so far:

1st Place
You will get to:
Bullet; Yellow Keep the design for free
Bullet; Yellow A bouncy icon (like this) of your Snapadile
Bullet; Yellow Official off-base artwork of your design by ParadiseFever 
Bullet; Yellow :new: Full body color by SilverTheCreator

Secondary Winners
Bullet; Yellow Keep the design for free
Bullet; Yellow A bouncy icon (like this) of your Snapadile

Honorable Mentions:
Bullet; Yellow $5 discount to make your Snapadile official

(Donations to the contest will be very appreciated! :heart:)

How to get Uncommon Traits:

Bullet; Yellow You can get 1 Uncommon Trait per any form advertising to this contest. Twitter, FA, Tumblr, Journals, Polls, etc.
Bullet; Yellow Referring someone to this contest you will get 1 Uncommon Trait.
Bullet; Yellow  Please provide links/proof of your advertising. You will receive an 'approved' comment from me, and you can add in your trait to the design.
Bullet; Yellow Each Uncommon Trait can only be used once per design entry. 
- Example; You have 5 Uncommon Traits from advertising and 2 designs you want to make. One design can have 3 Uncommon Traits while the other has 2.


If your Snapadile had not placed and you would like them to be official you can purchase them!
$20 - Common Snapadile
$25 - Uncommon Snapadile


I, Dice-King and grimmauxillatrix will be judging based on:
Bullet; Yellow Captivating and uniqueness of the design. Not necessarily based on artistic ability.
Bullet; Yellow Character effort; Does your character have a backstory? What are their quirks? Do they favor a particular deity?


Q. Can you win with multiple designs?
A. If you made 3 designs, only one will win.

Q. Can I still enter if I donated prizes?
A. Yes, you can still enter even if you're a donator, but don't expect that it would increase your chances of winning.

Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comment section.
Happy Designing!!

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Dice-King Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*screaming* omg you watched me I'm so happy ;w; thank you Para~!!!
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Thank you for the favourite.
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Bullet - Bunny (with bow) - by CutieChocoWelcome to AdoptOrphanage!Bullet - Bunny (with bow) - by CutieChoco

We can't wait to see the deviations you post!
Please enjoy your time in the group!

If you have any questions or concerns please
refer to our F.A.Q. If this doesn't answer any
of your questions, please note us and we will
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Autumnal-Husky Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gorgeous gallery, I really love everything you come up with ;w;
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RealLiveActionFox Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hey Para, I've had a grem myo slot for a long time and I was wondering if you would be up to design the grem for me, I'd be more then happy to pay and I do know that you would have to talk to gremble to verify that you were allowed to make the design, but I wanted to see if you were up for it first and how much you would be looking for to have the design made.
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